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Type HSG-0

Handoperated tool to cut small quantities,
recommended for short-time operation only.
Suitable to cut and seal the edges of synthetic
fabric, such as cords, ropes, bands and belting
fabric. Heat up time of blades approx 6-8 seconds.
Heat may be controlled by switching tool on and off.

Supply voltage : 230V-50Hz (110V-60Hz)
Power input 60W
Intermittent operation: 1/4 min.
Class II protection

Supply cord 2m with European-type plug (US-type-plug)

(optional with spiral cord against higher price)


Weight : 1,0kg




Sample application


Spare parts list

Basic Kit:


Operating instructions with EC Declaration of Conformity

Blades not included

Practicable blades:       Cutting blades for device HSG-0


Sample application: - Cutting of polyester fabric -     To enlarge please click on the pictures!